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Alcatel-Lucent Softphones

Alcatel-Lucent Softphones

  • Fully integrated telephony solution emulates the IP Touch 4068 IP Phone and provides PC users with quicker and more user-friendly access to telephone facilities
  • VoIP Protocol provides voice communications on a PC
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  • Advanced PC telephone application that manages communications and information by linking the desktop PC and voice calling
  • Availability anywhere the user is able to connect to the Customer IP network
  • Personalized user interface
  • Identical display and key functions to the Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch 4068 IP Phone
  • Up to 15 different ring tones
  • Telephony supported by any CTI environment
  • G.711, G.723.1 and G.729 codecs are supported
Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony

Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony

  • Powerful, user-friendly telephone assistant that manages daily phone tasks
  • Three versions: PIMphony Basic, PIMphony Pro, and PIMphony Team
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  • PIMphony Basic: Dial-by-name, Transfer, Conference, Call Log
  • PIMphony Pro is ideal for users such as sales people who manage large volumes of calls
  • PIMphony Pro provides incoming call screenpops with integration to Outlook, ACT and Goldmine as well as visual voice message management
  • PIMphony Team allows you to define supervision groups (work groups or services) within the company and call/forward status of each person that the user has included in the work groups
Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony Attendant

Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony Attendant

  • Enables the phone sets of several OpenTouch SMB systems (multi-site topology) to be displayed and monitored on the supervision window
  • Change first name and last name of a phone number (only for the local PBX)
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  • Lock and unlock the phone
  • Reset password
  • Give nomadic rights
  • Change forward state
  • Modify telephony rights
  • Manage PIMphony profile
  • Manage user phone numbers (home, mobile, business, other) and email address
Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony Team

Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony Team

  • Link to any type of telephone set (DECT, Alcatel-Lucent 8 and 9 Series, Analog, WLAN sets) or softphone with PIMphony IP
  • Transforms a multimedia PC into an IP terminal
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  • Secure, confidential connection: a secured https protocol ensures security and compliance for mobile and home workers
  • Increased productivity: employees make the most of their time with dial-by-name database access, quick click-to-call, and the ability to manage daily phone tasks easily from their PC
  • Automatic synchronization with contact manager database
  • Centralized call log: Lists incoming answered/unanswered calls, outgoing calls and voicemails with contact identification, date, time, and call duration
  • Full range of telephony services: unsurpassed functionality, features, reliability, and quality of service
  • Unbeatable range of features: dial-by-name, voicemail, unified messaging and conferencing, and more
  • Customized communications infrastructure: XML web applications respond to the unique demands of different users
  • Visual mailbox allows you to manage voice messages from your PC
Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8464 Meet-Me Audio Conference Bridge

Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8464 Meet-Me Audio Conference Bridge

  • Turnkey audio conferencing appliance that offers a low-cost, low-risk entry point into unified communications
  • Provides unlimited conferencing
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  • Support for leading VoIP service providers, PBX vendors and desktop solutions
  • Supports both IP/SIP and PSTN deployments, holds up to 96 ports and works with any PBX
  • Return on investment in less than 4 months
  • Upgrade to industry-leading Alcatel-Lucent Unified Communications solutions via software licensing
  • Easy communication maintenance and administration
  • Ability to add audio conferencing ports with no hardware required
  • Internal/external conference call participation
  • Turnkey appliance for premises-based, IP and TDM “meet me” audio conferencing
  • Dial-in, personal audio conference call participation
  • 24, 48, 72, or 96 concurrent conference call participants
  • Choice of standard dial-in audio conferencing or a solution to complement Microsoft OCS orIBM Lotus Samtime
  • Call control via telephone user interface or audio only Web interface
Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Video Store

Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Video Store

  • Cloud-based video service promotes an end-to-end user experience in which employees can upload, view and easily share videos both internally and with customers, providing a collaborative solution for everything from employee training to new product marketing
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  • Share recordings of executive and customer interviews, internal and external events, meetings and demonstrations
  • Speed the delivery of knowledge sharing with employee training videos
  • Articulate brand value and provide information about products, solution and services
  • Effectively distribute marketing and corporate announcements as well as information on new offers and promotions
  • Communicate messages of corporate social responsibility and company vision
  • Speed up the product development cycle
  • Support agile method implementation and usage
  • Reduce Cost While Increasing Management and Security
  • Add more content and reduce OPEX by leapfrogging professional filming and production company expenses
  • As an administrator, manage the solution through a web interface, monitor activity in real time and create and manage user accounts and profiles
  • Ensure the confidentiality of videos in the cloud with a signed URL mechanism, HTTP authentication and email filtering
  • Automatically back up videos and quickly restore them in case of service failure
  • Quickly setup and deploy videos into the cloud with an automated infrastructure
  • Integrate into the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise ecosystem as well as with a large number of third-party applications
Esna Officelinx

Esna Officelinx

  • Embed real time communications into the applications where you work
  • Scaleable solution that fits small business needs but can grow up to thousands of ports and multiple voice servers
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  • Resolve your messages to your contacts
  • Escalate from a voice message to a live call & share messages on social media
  • Convert a voice message to an MP3 file
  • Transcribe voice messages into text
  • PBX independent and can integrate with over 250 phone systems
  • Distributed architecture over multiple servers ensures true active redundancy, mass scalability and disaster recovery
  • Leverages VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V to ensure scalability and always-available communication services
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices
Esnatech TOL-IVM

Esnatech TOL-IVM

  • Embedded voicemail/automated-attendant call processing system for the Iwatsu ECS IP Media Centre
  • Streamlines calls to your business and answers callers with greetings specific to the number dialed, person or department reached or based on the caller ID of the outside caller
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  • Program mailboxes to automatically forward a voice message to other mailboxes or extensions
  • Direct incoming calls to ring at any remote location
  • Provides visual voicemail access from a web browser
  • Presence management based on location, availability, and in-office status
  • Full integration with calendar program
  • Screen pops allow users to answer, ignore or redirect ringing calls to another external number or extension
  • Apps for Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Smartphone and Android devices supported
Esnatech Officelinx iLink Pro

Esnatech Officelinx iLink Pro

  • Mobility features, unified messaging, rich presence and enhanced call control from any device
  • Stay connected, anytime, anywhere, from any device
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  • UC Call Control:
  • Choose to answer more calls, have fewer voicemail messages
  • Program incoming calls to ring at one or more of your pre-defined locations
  • Choose which calls ring your phone or go directly to voicemail based on caller ID information, time of day or location
  • From the PC or mobile device, instantly reroute a ringing call to any of your pre-defined locations, another extension, or voice mailbox
  • From your PC, initiate a call from a contact list or other application and choose the device that places the call: cell phone, desk phone, soft phone
  • UC Instant Messaging:
  • IM provides businesses real value because they allow instant communication between employees at a very low cost
  • Resides behind the corporate firewall and is available only to UC users
  • Integrated with corporate UC application
  • Integrates with SMS to deliver instant messages to the mobile phone
  • Standards-based UC enables message synchronization across multiple message services. Compatible with Microsoft® Outlook®, Gmail™ webmail service by Google™, Microsoft® Exchange® 2003/2007, Lotus Notes®, Novell GroupWise® and more
  • Access all messages (voice, email and fax) from your smart phone – Apple iPhone® Blackberry®, Windows Mobile® or Nokia® device
  • Extend the reach of mobile employees by delivering their messages anywhere with wireless access
Esnatech WeLink Conference Server

Esnatech WeLink Conference Server

  • Conference calling – Up to 24 parties in a single conference
  • Secure and confidential conference calls – Conference rooms are password protected and may be locked after all parties have entered
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  • Schedule or on-demand conference calls – Initiate conference calls on demand, or schedule them beforehand using a calendar program such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar
  • Up to 32 conference channels may be programmed
  • Configure up to 1,000 conference rooms
  • Monitor conference server activity and room status
  • Audio report of maximum number of parties for a given conference
  • Audio report of the current number of parties currently in a given conference
  • Three types of conference participants: Chairman, Attendee, and Listener
AccuCall-Web for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

AccuCall-Web for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

  • Designed specifically for the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS to collect and organize the information necessary to effectively manage and control telephone costs
  • Track usage by caller ID, user, department, number or incoming line
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  • Call visualizer
  • IP campus
  • Costing
  • Review and organize data
  • Simultaneous users
  • Supports multiple transfers
  • Reports differentiate between transfer and conference
  • ACD and ICM call information displayed
  • Trunk busy statistics
  • Cradle to grave reporting
ICON TAPI Client Services for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

ICON TAPI Client Services for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

  • Allows PCs running TAPI-compliant Microsoft Windows applications to access telephony services
  • Take calls, make calls, place calls on hold and retrieve calls from hold
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  • Incoming call screen pop of a TAPI-compliant application contact record on a Client PC
  • Make an outbound call via an Iwatsu telephone from a TAPI-compliant MS Windows application that support outdialing
  • Place a call on hold / retrieve a call from hold within a TAPI-compliant application
ICON Virtual DSS for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

ICON Virtual DSS for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

  • Allows users to handle call flow through a control panel on their desktop
  • Multitude of Single-click operations:
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  • Call another station
  • Retrieve an incoming call from a call covered station
  • Transfer a call to a voice mailbox
  • Park a call at another station
  • Park a call on a group park orbit
  • Status Indication to:
  • Incoming calls to a station
  • Station on call
  • Station in Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Calls parked at a station
  • New voice message at a station
ICON QueVue for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

ICON QueVue for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

  • Lets ACD agents quickly view contact center stats in real time, log-in or out of ACD groups and manage their calls at the click of a mouse
  • Login or logout of one or more ACD groups
+ More
  • Set agent login priority per group
  • Set their status for wrap-up or available/not available
  • Control the desk phone at the click of a mouse using the answer, hold and disconnect buttons
  • Record a call
  • Color code queue statistics based on priority or threshold levels
ICON Call Director for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

ICON Call Director for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

  • Call control to Make a call, Call voicemail, Answer a call, Place a call on hold, Record a call, Transfer a call, Transfer to voicemail, Disconnect a call
  • Incoming Call Screen Pop – Caller’s name and number
+ More
  • User Status integrates itself with the PC Attendant Phonebook, User Status allows co-workers to view user status
  • Call Forwarding Feature may be used to forward incoming calls to another extension or an external number such as a cell phone
  • Directory feature provides two views: the Company Phonebook which lists all ECS extensions and personal contacts imported directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • Call Log feature maintains a record of all incoming and outgoing calls for a period of one month and can be used to quickly reference and dial past calls
ICON PC Attendant for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

ICON PC Attendant for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

  • Displays incoming calls on screen
  • Control buttons for the most frequently accessed features
  • Search the directory, view system wide status and dispatch calls
+ More
  • Multiple clients can share a company-wide network phonebook, and edits from one client populate across all users
  • Users can hide seldom-used extensions from the network phonebook by using an "Ignore Extensions" list
  • A Notes column in the phonebook allows attendants to add notes about specific extensions
  • Color-coded departmental listings and “sort-by-department” feature
  • Call Log saves information about all calls that ring the extension
  • Four call coverage buttons that allows you to easily answer a call ringing at another station
  • Recall information includes caller ID name and number and recalling extension ID
  • Status column in the phonebook includes a "PARK" indication when a call is parked at an extension